Painting Commission
For a custom still life painting, please contact me for a quote and expected delivery date.

Portrait Commission
I take a few portrait commissions every year.

We will meet to discuss your vision for your portrait. Considerations include where the portrait will hang, and what you envision for tone, mood, setting, and clothing.

We can work together to choose elements from the sitter’s wardrobe. If time allows, a look through photo albums is beneficial to enable me to get to know the sitter as much as possible.

In addition, we will choose where the photos will be taken – this is usually in your home or an outside location of your choosing. The photo shoot can be scheduled at this time. I will take approximately 250 digital photos. This process should take about an hour. I will then choose between 10 – 15 photos for your approval.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite shots, I will complete a color/composition study, and we’ll meet to review the sketch and address any last minute concerns or questions.

I work under an open studio policy. As my client, you are welcome to view your portrait in progress at any time. When your painting is near completion, I will invite you to my studio to view your painting. You will have the opportunity to make changes at this point. (Alternatively, I can provide images via e-mail for your review.)

If there are no changes, we will make plans for delivery. Your satisfaction is guaranteed – I do not accept final payment until your portrait meets your complete approval.