Contemporary Still Life Painting

April 1-6, 2024

Compass Atelier
Rockville, MD

Painting contemporary food still life.

Daily Painting - Still Life Small Works Workshop

July 22 – Aug 2, 2024 (60 hours of instruction)

Flemish Classical Atelier
Brugge, Belgium

Two weeks of small works paintings, and participation in a group exhibiton at the conclusion.

Small Works | Big Impact

September 7 & 8, 2024

Townsend Atelier
Chattanooga, TN

Learn to paint a small alla prima painting.

I just finished with a 5-day workshop with Cindy Procious at the Compass Atelier. It was a logistical challenge, with over 15 students setting up their own still lifes: each with a shadow box and lighting. Everything went very smoothly.

Cindy Procious was an excellent teacher carefully explaining her technique and thought process during her daily demos. She also spent a lot of time with each student. I really learned a lot on setting up a still life and on getting different effects with subtle brush work.

She was also really energetic and a lot of fun which helped lighten the intensive environment. Kudos to the Atelier for hosting such an excellent workshop.

-Tom Semmes

Having taken a number of workshops I have to say this was the best and most comprehensive one so far. I learned so much and will be absorbing the information well past the workshop. I found Cindy to be incredibly approachable, down to earth and full of humor and wit which was very refreshing and helped to balance the intensity of the weeklong learning. She gave hours long demonstrations that I found so very helpful, yet there was time to paint in the day long classes.

The workshop followed a logical progression beginning with choosing subject matter that works together, practical compositional skills, how to light a dramatic still life, and how to take a good photo of the still life. The layering technique of the old masters was covered and demonstrated and she spent time with each participant helping them understand the things they were struggling with. It was fascinating to observe her brush work and what brushes she uses to achieve her amazing realistic effects.

-Meredith Way Morris

I took a five day workshop from Cindy Procious and these were some of the best five painting days in my life. I learned so much! She gives great insights into setting up an effective composition (and avoiding “tangents”).

This is crucial because, really, why spend hours / days on a painting with composition flaws. Then we got into the painting process – and her method *really* resonates with me. It’s truly a joy to see the painting evolve and come to life across the layers. I felt like the workshop catapulted me forward – like some quantum leap into another level of skill. On top of all that, Cindy is awesome as a person – I love her sense of humor and humanity. She never came across as arrogant – and is a fabulous teacher. Sometimes you take a workshop but then later don’t really apply the techniques or approach. Not so with Cindy’s workshop. I feel like I continuously apply and build on the learning from Cindy. I would absolutely recommend Cindy’s workshop – and would love to do another one some day!

-Kathy Lindert

The highest praise I can give a teacher is that they paint with you long after the workshop has
ended and that is such the case with Cindy Procious. Cindy challenged my painting style (in a great way) and I continually hear her advice: from shapes to color to loosing detail to still life setup when I paint today.

I am currently working on similar subject matter to when I was in the workshop with Cindy and my growth has been tremendous from her wisdom, patience, and teachings.

-Jennifer Kahn Barlow